Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Progress Report


So the first thing to know about my blogging attempts is that I have really good intentions on keeping it up then not really doing so.

The second thing is that I'm TERRIBLE at doing progress pictures.


Here's a few of the pin's I've been doing lately:

This bowtie was made using this as a guideline. I say guideline because I may have glued some of the places she sewed but it was a quick, let's pull this together kinda thing. I think he looks dashing :)

I got my hair cut similar to one like this. After watching several youtube videos, I've also managed to learn to somewhat DO my hair. (Ok, so I do it pretty much the same each day but dang it, I've done it every day since I got it cut which is a record for me!)

I made a few of these for gifts.

(Image will come later...I did say they were for gifts ya know)

The kids and I made some of these.

I've had a few other things in the works but those are the ones that I'm putting up tonight. Hopefully I'll get better at the step by step thing then I can show you what I did and how I did it.

Until then, Happy Pinning!

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